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Faith in Healing

Holistic Therapies

What is Faith ​in Healing​?​​

Faith in Healing Holistic Therapies offers energy healing through Reiki and Bodytalk, while providing Life Coaching.

Energy healing is a stress ​reduction technique which allows the body's natural abilities to improve, as well as helping it to maintain good health. These modalities are excellent ways to help one heal mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Energy healing can help strengthen the immune system; increase vitality; balance hormones; help one to overcome loss/grief; reduce anxiety, pain, as well as side effects of medication; help with addiction; and so much more. Anyone can be a candidate for energy healing including animals.

Who Am I?

My name is Rosanna Circo. I am a Licensed Holistic Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Certified Life Coach. I have many years of experience in energy medicine, specializing in Reiki. Growing up, I always wanted to help people which led me to working in the medical field for many years. I was introduced to energy medicine at a young age after an injury. Later in my life, a family member became severely ill. Energy healing and alternative medicine helped him completely recover. The way it helped my loved one heal was what inspired me to pursue a career as a Holistic Practitioner. I believe that we are all here to help one another and that God uses us as instruments to help make this world a better place. Through energy medicine, my goal is to lead others towards living more positive, fulfilling lives.


Reiki is a Japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki:

• allows energy in the body to flow freely, helping to boost our immune system.

• helps to increase vitality and energy levels, as well as enhance our sense of well being.

• reduces the body's inflammation.

• provides relief from acute and chronic pain.

• alleviates headaches.

• helps speed healing from surgery or injury.

• helps balance hormones.

• can reduce the negative side effects of medicine (including chemotherapy).

• clears toxins and negative energy.

• promotes sleep.

• relaxes the body and mind.

• encourages emotional release.

• promotes a peaceful & positive outlook on life.

• helps strengthen our spiritual connection.



BodyTalk is a set of techniques which help to increase internal communication within the bodymind. Bodytalk:

• promotes health maintenance when used regularly.

• helps to boost the immune system.

• aids to improve digestion.

• helps balance muscles, joints, and posture.

• reduces pain and detoxifies the body.

• helps to balance body chemistry as well as hydration levels.

• reduces stress and anxiety.


Life Coaching

A Life Coach helps guide people on how to achieve their goals and effectively approach different situations in their lives. Life coaching:

• helps clients connect with their mind, body, and spirit which allows them to understand how they all work together.

• encourages clients to set healthy boundaries in order to help them live happier and improve their overall lifestyle.

promotes having a positive self esteem. 

• motivates clients to have a stronger connection with their faith.



The first time we saw Rosanna was 3 years ago when my son was suffering from anxiety and hives. Since seeing her, he is much more relaxed and his hives have never returned.

Mike C.

My son broke his thumb while playing basketball. It was

 swollen and crooked but he refused to go to the E.R. I decided to called Rosanna. She worked on his thumb and it substantially straightened. The swelling went down and his pain began to subside. After seeing how much she helped him, he calmed down and was much more willing to have it examined by a doctor.

Sue B.

I was dealing with some emotional issues and it was affecting me physically. I decided to book an appointment with Rosanna and noticed that after the first session, I felt a sense of peace and relaxation. I have been seeing her for many years now and feel blessed that she has been able to help me help myself in many areas of my life.

Anna B.

Dealing with chronic illness can be both physically and emotionally challenging. My daughter and I were privileged to find a compassionate and caring practitioner like Rosanna. Not only did she help with stress relief and relaxation after each session, but her warm and calming nature provided us with a true sense of well-being.

Layla P.

Rosanna visited my aunt who was very ill. Although she didn't know her very well, my aunt felt connected to her. She was always very relaxed after having sessions with Rosanna. She was comforted by her presence and her spirituality.

Pat D.

Our dog, Shilo, wasn't acting himself. He had no appetite and was very quiet. Just before booking an appointment with the vet, a friend advised me that we should try calling Rosanna to see if she could help him. In the past, Rosanna had helped my friend's dog. I called her and she came over to the house. Immediately after Rosanna did some energy work on Shilo, he jumped off the couch and stretched. He then drank some water and wanted to play. Shortly after that, he ate his food and treats. He was back to his playful self. Rosanna still recommended him seeing the vet just to make sure he was okay. Thankfully, he was. 

Franco M.

DISCLAIMER: The holistic services provided by Rosanna Circo do not diagnose conditions or in any way replace treatment provided by your physician or health care provider. Energy healing works well to support other treatments.


Rosanna Circo LRP-CRA

Holistic Practitioner &

 Certified Life Coach

Studio Location:

Medella Natura Spa & Wellness 

7611 Pine Valley Drive., Unit 25

Woodbridge, ON  L4L 0A2


Telephone #: 647-501-7265


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